hoi VerhoevenXXL - Transport of industrial machines

Transport of industrial machines

When assuming responsibility for the transport of industrial machines, knowledge of the goods being transported is essential. Your valuable load often requires a specific approach in terms of safe and efficient loading, securing, covering and packing. That's why we always ensure that our drivers are professionally trained and properly instructed about the goods under their supervision.

Our trailers are multifunctional and fitted with innovative transport solutions, giving us increased flexibility in transporting exceptional lengths and heights.
And when required - e.g., in case of shipping - we will arrange for the safe packing and the temporary storage of your machines (supply chain). 


Steel structures

The transport of steel structures calls for tailor-made solutions. Due to the often oversized dimensions, a sound route preparation is required while the necessary permits and exemptions must be arranged. Verhoeven XXL acknowledges the importance of adequately planning your transport and continuous progress monitoring. Through close consultation during the transport process and agreements with clients and recipients we can prevent unnecessary stoppages and resulting costs.