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Transport. It's in our DNA

In a tradition that started over 90 years ago, the fourth generation of Verhoeven is now making a name for itself in the transport sector. Transport is clearly in our DNA.

Backed by many years of experience in the niche market of exceptional transport, Verhoeven XXL guarantees quality and a solution-orientend approach. But our employees are characterised by more than just their expertise, they are also ambitious and driven. Verhoeven XXL is both young and dynamic and experienced and skilled 

The informal family culture forms the basis of our organisation and our long-term relationships Not only do we treat every instruction with specific and personal attention, we adopt the same approach to our employees, customers and contacts. We invest in development and progress and appreciate feedback on delivered performances.  naar een verantwoorde transporttoekomst waarbij mens, product en milieu in een acceptabel balans zijn.

Naturally responsible

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a matter of course. We are conscious of our surroundings, people and the environment and the impact of the transport sector. Striving to reduce the negative impact on the environment is always a major consideration when purchasing our equipment. Optimal coordination is achieved through open communication with the partners in the transport chain. This results in efficiency that reduces emissions and saves costs at the same time.
Verhoeven XXL aims for a socially responsible transport future in which people, product and the environment can coexist in an acceptable balance.